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beach fun

Beach Fun (at a Distance): 5 Unique Virginia Beach Activities

There’s nothing quite like spending a day (or three) basking in the sun and feeling soft grains of sand between your toes. While you’re luxuriating at your Virginia Beach rental at Coastal Accommodations, indulge in some beach fun—at a distance! Whether you’re the kind of person who prefers calm, relaxing activities or loves the thrill […]

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pet friendly

Bring Your Favorite Pooch on a Dog-Friendly Getaway

No one likes leaving their pets behind to go on vacation. Luckily for you, Virginia Beach is a dog-friendly getaway destination! So you and your pooch can splash around on the beach and visit the local hotspots. Coastal Accommodations features pet-friendly vacation rentals, so you’ll have a comfortable place to stay as well. Bring out […]

05/06/2020 | by Sheppard Atkinson | No Comments | Local Area | Vacation Rentals | Visit Virginia Beach

5 Health Tips While Traveling

There are many wonderful things about going on vacation: new experiences, meeting people, trying different food, and the opportunity to relax. However, sometimes an unfortunate side-effect of traveling is that it might leave you feeling under the weather. We here at Coastal Accommodations make your welfare our number one priority, so we’ve assembled a list […]

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