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  Feel Free to Escape to Virginia Beach The Top Spa Experiences in Virginia Beach that allows you to Relax, Chill-Out, & Decompress A plan to do nothing can be on of the best plans of all. But, if you want to take the relaxation on your vacation up a notch we have a few suggestions. […]

Discover Virginia Beach Food Experiences that You Won’t Forget Coastal Accommodation’s Foodie Restaurant Guide As travelers continue to seek fun, unique things to do when visiting a new place, it’s clear that just seeing isn’t enough—they want to taste! And what is a good meal if there isn’t a great food experience to go along […]

Whether you are looking to reconnect with yourself or loved ones here are our seven favorite unique experiences that will help you make the most of your trip to Virginia Beach. Make the most out of your next trip!

Explore the Virginia Beach area by visiting these very diverse and safe outdoor locations. From shopping like a local with your eco-friendly bag to walking the dunes just to get a glimpse of the more than 300 diverse species of birds, Virginia Beach truly has it all. 

One of the best gifts you can give your family for the holidays is an extended stay in a Virginia Beach oceanfront rental via Coastal Accommodations. Escape the dreary winter weather and celebrate the season to the sounds of ocean waves and the feeling of sand between your toes. You’re sure to create cherished, lifelong […]

Going out to eat while on vacation is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and try something new. However, as we adjust to the new normal amid the global pandemic, dining out doesn’t always seem like the best option. Luckily for you, our Virginia Beach rentals at Coastal Accommodations come with […]

There are so many fun things to do in Virginia Beach, but if you’ve never biked along the coast, you’re missing out. When you stay at Coastal Accommodations, consider spending a day cycling under the warm, summer sun, the ocean breeze whistling through your hair. However, we understand that most people can’t exactly bring their […]

Hop on the best Virginia Beach bike rentals and pedal along the Atlantic Coast the next time you stay at Coastal Accommodations. Discover the community, get your daily dose of exercise, bond with loved ones, and see marvelous local sights and scenery. Plus, there’s no need to worry about where you’ll find a bike. When […]

During this uncertain time, we’re all adapting to new norms. Those of us who can afford to work remotely are doing so to keep a safe distance from others as mandated by our government. But who says working remotely has to be in a boring, make-shift home office? Pack up that laptop, grab your notepad, […]

There’s nothing quite like spending a day (or three) basking in the sun and feeling soft grains of sand between your toes. While you’re luxuriating at your Virginia Beach rental at Coastal Accommodations, indulge in some beach fun—at a distance! Whether you’re the kind of person who prefers calm, relaxing activities or loves the thrill […]

There’s nothing quite like spending a summer afternoon at one of Virginia Beach’s golf courses. Traverse acres of lush green grass under a clear blue sky with your loved ones, and then celebrate your outing with an ice-cold beverage afterward. Luckily for you, when you stay at Coastal Accommodations, you’ll have easy access to these […]

No one likes leaving their pets behind to go on vacation. Luckily for you, Virginia Beach is a dog-friendly place to visit, so you and your pooch can splash around on the beach and visit the local hotspots. Coastal Accommodations features pet-friendly vacation rentals, so you’ll have a comfortable place to stay as well. Bring […]

Virginia Beach is the perfect spot for your next getaway. With views of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and plenty of endless shoreline, Virginia Beach proves over and over again that it is an east coast paradise just waiting to be discovered by you. When you book your stay with Coastal Accommodations, you’ll find the perfect […]

There are many wonderful things about going on vacation: new experiences, meeting people, trying different food, and the opportunity to relax. However, sometimes an unfortunate side-effect of traveling is that it might leave you feeling under the weather. We here at Coastal Accommodations make your welfare our number one priority, so we’ve assembled a list […]

8 Unique Shopping Boutiques in Virginia Beach Do you ever get bored with the same old stores in your hometown? Sometimes the most effective way to maintain an original personal style is to shop at different stores that the people around you. And what better time than while you’re on vacation? There are countless unique […]

Taking a vacation is one of the best ways to de-stress. However, plane tickets, lodging, and other costs can quickly rack up a stress-inducing bill. Travel doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re wondering how to travel on a budget, Coastal Accommodations has a few tips: travel domestically, split costs with friends, cook your […]


Virginia Beach is a city of romance, with countless spas, restaurants, and more. Whether you live in VA or somewhere else, spending your date night in Virginia Beach ensures that you and your special someone will have the best time of your lives. Coastal Accommodations’ Virginia Beach vacation rentals are in the heart of the […]


Virginia Beach is, of course, known for beautiful beaches. However, with those sandy expanses comes fish-filled water. According to Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, “70 to 90 percent of the world’s rockfish come from the Chesapeake Bay.” And according to Coastal Accommodations, Virginia Beach has some of the best fishing in the world. Whether […]

Virginia Beach is a lively place. It’s full of vibrant communities, flavorful foods, dynamic music, and impressive art. When you vacation here, you have the opportunity to engage in countless new experiences. Whether you want to look at it, purchase it, or listen to it, Virginia Beach art is here for you to enjoy. With […]

Virginia is for lovers (of beer). The Virginia craft beer scene is huge, and fall and winter are the perfect times to experience it. Although our winters are rather warm, those months bring a cozy, crisp bite to the air. But because it doesn’t get too cold, you can still sit beneath the patio’s twinkling […]


The magic of Virginia Beach is that it’s fun for everyone—children, teenagers, and adults alike. From searching for seashells to taking selfies with Hugh Mongous, our section of the East Coast is a true crowd-pleaser. One of our favorite all-ages activities is hiking near Virginia Beach to see the wildlife rehabilitation Virginia does. Coastal Accommodations […]


Autumn in the Chesapeake realm of Virginia is something special. Temperatures are cool and pleasant. The summer tourist season winds down, and the heavy beach traffic is a thing of the past. Come the middle of September a genuinely spectacular event hits the sands of Virginia Beach – the Neptune Fall Wine Festival! Representatives from […]


When it comes to visiting the beach, many take part in the typical beach-going activities like shelling and lounging on the sand. However, if you want to try something new and exciting, hang loose and grab a board for some surfing! During your stay at Coastal Accommodations, you can visit one of the Virginia Beach […]


Summertime in Virginia Beach is an exciting time of fun in the sun and making a splash in the beautiful blue waters. Find your ideal lodging with us at Coastal Accommodations and make your way down to the water for an array of things to do in Virginia Beach. From dolphins to parasailing, there is […]

  Family vacations are often the highlight of any summer, and when you are looking for the perfect beach getaway for you and your loved ones, there is no better place than Virginia Beach. This summer, pack up the kids and head to Coastal Accommodations to discover all of the exciting Virginia Beach activities surrounding […]

10 Perfect Mother’s Day Experiences in Virginia Beach Let’s face it, most mothers are humble superheroes that deserve much more than just one day of appreciation! We know that your mother is insisting that she doesn’t need much for Mother’s Day this year and just wants everyone to be together. So, give her what she […]


There is nothing like spending time with the girls: however, life can become a hectic whirlwind of busy schedules. It can seem impossible to get everyone together for quality time with your closest friends when everyone has families, jobs, and all sorts of other things taking up their schedules. This summer, mark your calendars and […]


If you love the smell of ocean breezes, feeling your toes in the sand, and the tastes of fresh seafood, Virginia Beach is the place for you! Grab your sandals and bring your appetite when you visit Virginia Beach and discover the best oysters in town during your stay at Coastal Accommodations. Oysters are a […]

Three Must-Sees In Virginia Beach Traveling to new places is a fun and exciting way to experience new things and discover details about areas that you might not have otherwise known. When you stay with us at Coastal Accommodations, there are three places near our Virginia Beach rentals that offer insight to the beauty, history, […]

Welcome To Coastal Accommodations, Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals If you’re craving the sites of a sparkling blue ocean and saltwater breezes, find your paradise with us at Coastal Accommodations. Offering a wide variety of Virginia Beach vacation rentals, you’ll find your ideal lodging with easy access to all of the best ocean activities. Discover the […]

The perfect gift is one that 1) creates a positive reaction from the recipient 2) with results that they’ll treasure forever. Virginia Beach holds a special spot in so many hearts. We’ve created a guide of the top 10 gifts for those who love Virginia Beach as much as we do! Whether you have spent […]

We were invited to attend the Virginia Beach State of Tourism luncheon this past Thursday where we learned all about the city’s tourism performance in 2017. We were flattered to be included in this session! It means we’ve appeared on the city’s radar after joining the hospitality band wagon in 2015. We’re grateful to have […]


The vacation rental industry is the quintessential example of a “niche” market. Navigating a new industry can often be intimidating. Here are the top five insider tips for booking the perfect vacation rental.  Real estate, hospitality, customer service, property management (and so much more) all combine to create a specific travel experience. If you are […]


Virginia Beach is the perfect location for your four-legged family member to tag along for the vacation fun! Locating pet-friendly vacation rentals often leaves one party (the pet parents) to sacrifice some perks to accommodate the other. That’s where we step in and extend our high-end rental properties to our four-legged pals. We are proud […]


ViBe Creative District Second Saturday kicks off NEW Farmers’ Market Location and Summer Concert Series with Commonwealth Brewing Thanks to Kate Pittman, Executive Director of the ViBe Creative District here in our local neighborhood, we’re now aware of some fun Saturday happenings this summer. Check out the details here: (Virginia Beach, VA) June 4, 2018 […]

If a memorable Father’s Day celebration in Virginia Beach is what you’re after, look no further because we have the advice, tools, and resources that will shape the perfect memory for Dad. Father’s Day in Virginia Beach always marks an exciting time with the onset of summer! Can’t find anything special to bring to the table, […]


The Adventures of Tilly and Betsy Coastal Accommodations VB Edition Many of you followed Darling Little Monsters’ Instagram takeover on April 20th. Matilda (3) and Betsy (2) took to Virginia Beach like the two travel pros they are! Allow us to reintroduce the girls and their travel savvy parents, Lizzie and Tom. They visited our […]


. To book a vacation rental or a hotel? That is the question. Sometimes when I’m traveling solo or with one other person, I get lazy. I just stick with the ease of booking a standard hotel room mainly because I know what to expect. I get it, sometimes it’s more familiar to book a […]


The rates, crowds and heat are at a comfortable low during the autumn months in Virginia Beach, while activities are abundant! Life in Virginia Beach doesn’t slow down after Labor Day. In fact, the city seems to pick up and become more active! Since we are in Virginia, which is for lovers, of course love […]


If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you already know about our expanding rental portfolio. But let’s dive in a bit deeper for a full-fledged status report. Our team, inclusive of Argent Equity Partners, Coastal Accommodations and the Miller Group, simply cannot contain our excitement regarding the new construction on the 500 block of […]


Virginia Beach offers a variety of events to please a plethora of interests. Here are a few of May’s happenings that we hope are of interest to you!  Ocean Breeze Waterpark Opening Day When: 5/20/2017 Where: 849 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 What: Opening day! Water slides, a tubing river & a wave […]

So many of you continually hear Caroline and I touting our vacation rentals and concierge abilities on the reg. Yes, the pictures of the houses certainly speak volumes and may entice new eyes to dive deeper into our social pages or website to find out more about these so-called gems. And obviously, we’re marketing hardcore […]


INTRODUCING CAROLINE CAMP HARRISON Introducing Caroline Camp Harrison, your go-to for all things experiential in our great resort town!   Since rolling out the concierge side of our business, we’ve been blessed to do what a lot of people would categorize as play. But we swear it has been hard, rewarding work! We all have experiences […]


We launched our brand and it feels so good! Let’s Look Back on How We Got Here. It all started with two separate families who can’t draw the line between where friendship ends and family begins! The Harrison family and the Smith clan have more connections than we will bore you with in this blog but […]


After welcoming guests into our homes for over a year now we’ve noticed a handful of you have the same questions regarding the booking process. We thought it might be nice to combine all of your thoughts into one place. Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we encounter on a daily basis. These answers […]

One year down. Hundreds of guests hosted. Seventy raving reviews. Seems like we’re on to something. I specifically remember the first booking I accepted. After weeks of furnishing our beautiful property on 22nd street, I finally posted our listing on HomeAway. Almost simultaneously, our first inquiry came through. A family reunion! A real living, breathing family […]