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Insider’s Scoop on Virginia Beach Fishing Trips

11/06/2019 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Concierge Excursions Local Area Vacation Rentals Visit Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is, of course, known for its beautiful beaches. However, with those sandy expanses comes fish-filled water. According to Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, “70 to 90 percent of the world’s rockfish come from the Chesapeake Bay.” Also, according to our local experience, Virginia Beach fishing is some of the best in the world. Whether you’re looking for rockfish or something more exotic, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay fishing will show you a fantastic time. Here are our top picks for the best Virginia Beach fishing charters.

Off-Shore Fishing Charters

The water surrounding VA Beach offers an incredible variety of fishing, which often involves heading off-shore to deeper waters. There certainly are plenty of wrecks and underwater canyons to fish around. You can expect to find species such a king mackerel, swordfish, and yellowfin tuna. Deep-sea fishing focuses on fishing around structures at the bottom of deep water. This could range from sunken planes to natural landforms.

For off-shore Virginia Beach fishing charters, check out AquaMan Sportfishing Charters or E-Fishinsea. Since getting off-shore can take some time, you want to be comfortable and enjoy a beautiful, breezy trip on the boat – in addition to an exciting fishing experience.

In-Shore Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter

Want to go fishing closer to shore? A Chesapeake Bay fishing charter is the way to go. Chesapeake Bay fishing is exceptional due in part to the Chesapeake Tower. Here smaller saltwater fish find plenty of covered habitats. These smaller fish attract predators, which your Chesapeake Bay fishing charter will help you catch. 

You’ll find sea bass, flounder, rockfish, and more in the bay. The assortment of different species makes this part of Virginia Beach great for fishing year-round. If you want to know which fish species will be biting during your visit, be sure to call your chosen charter company for a fishing report. 

AquaMan Sportfishing and E-Fishinsea Charters both offer in-shore Virginia Beach fishing trips. Subsequently, these trips are shorter because it takes less time to sail to your starting point, so you can choose to fish for just a few hours or an entire day. Then, you can return to your Coastal Accommodations rental to cook up your day’s catch.

Virginia Beach Fishing Accommodations

After a full day under the sun out on the boat, you’ll be ready for a home-cooked meal and some relaxation. Coastal Accommodations’ rental properties offer the best of modern comfort, including grocery delivery

Don’t want to deal with calling around to boats and booking the excursion yourself? Coastal Accommodations’ Guest Services staff is happy to find out more about your group, schedule, and the ideal type of trip and do all the recommendations and booking for you! 

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