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Fun Girlfriend Trips: Virginia Beach Girl’s Getaway

03/26/2019 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Group Travel

There is nothing like spending time with the girls: however, life can become a hectic whirlwind of busy schedules. It can seem impossible to get everyone together for quality time with your closest friends when everyone has families, jobs, and all sorts of other things taking up their schedules. This summer, mark your calendars and set out on one of the most exciting girlfriend trips you will ever have in Virginia Beach with Coastal Accommodations. Pack your sandals and shades, because we have the perfect girls getaway for you and your crew!

Take in the Sights

When you get settled into your Virginia Beach vacation rental, get ready to head out and discover all of the fun things to do in Virginia Beach. One of the best ways to start fun girlfriends trips to new places is to take a tour. You can hit the water and relax by floating over the waves with Beach Eco Waves on paddle boards or with Go Kayak! in kayaks. These water tours are great for seeing aquatic life like dolphins and explore places like Rudee Inlet. There are also bike tours with places like Beach Bike Tours that allow you to get to know Virginia Beach and discover all of the most interesting places while being outside in the fresh air. Coastal Accommodations can also schedule bike delivery and pick up to and from your rental to make things super easy.

MOCA Virginia Beach

If you and your friends are looking for a great way to spend time in Virginia Beach, visit MOCA Virginia Beach. Discover the contemporary art of the Virginia Beach area. Take a tour or join a class for a day of art, creation, and inspiration for an easy going excursion that everyone will love.

Taste and Sip

There are plenty of Virginia Beach activities to take part in during fun girlfriend trips, but one of the most popular things to add to the itinerary is exploring the flavors of our coastal home. For an upscale experience offering an array of craft brews and unique dishes, head to Esoteric. You’ll find the most interestingly eclectic menu of creations that one passionate couple has artistically composed into a one of a kind dining experience that you will not want to miss.

Another fantastic outing for your crew is a trip to Bella Monte, Restaurant and Enoteca. Delicious food, a beautiful oceanfront patio area, and wine tasting all make this spot perfect for any girls trip. Sip on an array of wines by purchasing a ticket to insert into any machine for a taste of various flavors to discover which pairs best with any of their delicious menu items. Whether you are looking for a brunch, lunch, or dinner spot, Bella Monte is ideal for you and your friends.

Virginia Beach Lodging Everyone Will Love

The most important part of all fun girlfriend trips is where you are staying. When you stay with us at Coastal Accommodations in our Virginia Beach vacation rentals, you will be immersed in chic designs with ocean inspiration. You will have access to the essential comforts of home with our amenities and also have the ability to choose the accommodations that fit you and your friends best. So pack your bags and grab the girls, because your Virginia Beach ladies getaway is waiting!

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