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must sees of virginia beach

Three Must-Sees in Virginia Beach

02/04/2019 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Visit Virginia Beach

Three Must-Sees In Virginia Beach

Traveling to new places is a fun and exciting way to experience new things and discover details about areas that you might not have otherwise known. When you stay with us at Coastal Accommodations, there are three places near our Virginia Beach rentals that offer insight to the beauty, history, and culture of the area. Experience these three must-sees and more during your visit to Virginia Beach!

Dig Your Toes In The Sand

One of the best experiences in Virginia Beach is right in the name— the beaches! One of the best places to dig your toes in the sand and feel the ocean breeze brush your cheeks is at First Landing National Park or Seashore State Park. With twenty miles of hiking and walking trails as well as 1.5 miles of beautiful beach along the Chesapeake Bay, you can explore the natural landscapes and soak in the breathtaking views of the waves rolling to shore. Discover various habitats and ecosystems that fill the 2,888-acre area and indulge in some of nature’s most spectacular features.

A Step Back In History

When you take a trip, it is always interesting to find out a bit of history about the place you are visiting. One of the most interesting places to get a glimpse of the history surrounding our Virginia Beach rentals is the Military Aviation Museum. Here you will find all sorts of intriguing information on all kinds of historic aircrafts, military events, and even a Jurassic Park area with a scavenger hunt! Whether you have little ones with you, are a kid at heart, or love history, a visit to the Military Aviation Museum should be included in your itinerary.

Discover What Lies Beneath The Waves

With being located right on the Atlantic Ocean’s shores, a long walk along the waters is likely on your list of activities. However, if you ever find yourself wondering just what lies beneath those blue waves, visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. You will come face to face with some of our most fascinating aquatic neighbors and learn about all of the different habitats, ecosystems, and species that swim off our shores.

Virginia Beach Rentals At Their Finest

When you stay with us at Coastal Accommodations, you will be near all of these exciting stops. Settle into your cozy Virginia Beach rental and then set out for some adventures. Check out these three must-sees and more when you visit us at Coastal Accommodations!

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