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Virginia Beach Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals

Four Legs or Two, A Pet-Friendly Vacation Awaits You!

09/07/2018 | by Caroline Camp Harrison | Vacation Rentals

Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals pet-friendly dog

Virginia Beach is the perfect location for your four-legged family member to tag along for the vacation fun! Locating pet-friendly vacation rentals often leaves one party (the pet parents) to sacrifice some perks to accommodate the other. That’s where we step in and extend our high-end rental properties to our four-legged pals.

We are proud to welcome both guests and pets alike to stay in our 22 Neptune East Property. With 1, 2, and 4-bedroom townhouses, there is sure to be an option that fits any family dynamic!


Free On-Site Parkingpet-friendly vacation rental property accommodations virginia beach Vacation Rentals Virginia Beach

We equip our pet-friendly properties with many of the essentials for your stay in Virginia Beach. Namely, we provide couch covers and potty bags so your pet can feel right at home, too. It wouldn’t be fair to the pup to not get to enjoy that couch, too…

pet-friendly vacation rental welcome kit vacation rental


Since pets can’t pack for themselves, we’ve put together a list of supplies to keep them comfortable and happy on your beach adventures:

  • Vaccination records (just in case)
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Favorite Toy
  • Kennel
  • Medicine
  • Jug of Water (for the car ride and the beach)
  • Collapsible Water Bowl
  • Bed or Favorite Blanket
  • Leash and Collar (be sure to have your cell number listed on the collar since you won’t be home)
  • Old Beach Towels
  • Flashlight (for walking at night)
  • Beach Umbrella (for long beach days)

Virginia Beach is a very pet-friendly city, but like any city, there are some rules that you should be aware of to guarantee your pets’ safety and to preserve the safety of others!

  • Dogs are allowed on the public beaches and the boardwalk during Virginia Beach’s offseason. The off-season is any time after Labor Day Weekend and before Memorial Day. If your trip is during peak summer season, pets are allowed on the beach at the North End (which is 42nd street upward) before 10 AM and after 6 PM and on the boardwalk during the same time restrictions. Dogs are not allowed any time during the summer months south of 42nd street.
  • Pups must be leashed at all times within city limits on any city sidewalks, streets, or public right-of-ways. Dogs must also be wearing a city pet license. For the safety of all people and animals on the beach, it’s encouraged to supervise your pet at all times and only unleash on the beach if your pet has reliable recall commands despite distractions.
  • Not only is there an ordinance prohibiting pet waste in public and private areas, but it’s proper etiquette to clean up after your furry friend. This goes for on the beach or at the property.
  • Lastly, please fill in any holes they dig during their fun in the sun!

Virginia Beach Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals


Settling into the Rental House.

You can help burn off some of that nervous energy by walking your dog right away after a long day of travel. Once you enter the house, show your dog where you are putting their bed, crate, or blanket. Give them lots of treats and praise. Take him or her on a quick exploration outside, allow them to do their business and get their bearings.

If your pet is typically kenneled it’s a good idea not to deviate from that routine at the rental house. If a kennel is not your dog’s style, then be sure to look around the rental and remove anything that could be non-pet-friendly. We also recommend that if this is your first time traveling with your furry friend, you spend the first night at the rental with them letting them get acclimated to their new surroundings before they are left alone.


Virginia Beach is a pet lovers playground! There’s an abundance of outdoor adventures for you to enjoy. Here are a few we recommend.

Park it & Roam!

From Doggie Parks to State Parks, there’s no shortage of space to roam for every member of the family.

If your canine is in need of some off-leash time and looking to make some new friends, then these three parks are a must! You must obtain a dog park pass to visit these parks, but it’s well worth it. Here are the parks we recommend:

  • Bayville Farms Park (4321 First Court Rd/10.4 miles from rentals) a 68-acre park that has everything from disc golf to shuffleboard courts and has a fenced in area for dogs to run off leash.
  • Red Wing Park (398 General Booth Boulevard/ 18.3 miles from rental) a 97-acre park known for its beautiful gardens and annual Cherry Blossom Festival with a one-acre fenced area for both small and large dogs to play together.
  • Woodstock Community Park (5709 Providence Road /16 miles from rentals) 30-acre park complete with playgrounds, a one-acre fenced dog park, and an action-packed concrete urban skate plaza.

If you’re a walker, runner or more scenic beach-goer, then  First Landing State Park with its Spanish Moss adorned trails and wooded beaches is the place for you. Here, you can access both shade and sunlight or play on rope swings while splashing in the bay. Calmer waters, sandy spots, and trails make this spot a great mix for your trusty companion. This park happens to be one of the best photo op spots in town. If you are interested in getting portraits taken, we can book a session based on your style and budget!

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Grab a Bite to Eat (for both of you)!

Going out to eat doesn’t have to be a treat for just the humans in your family.

Most restaurants with outdoor seating around town will allow your pet to tag along. But to be certain, we recommend you call ahead to find out their policy. Here are few of our favorite restaurants that not only allow your pets to tag along but have treats for them as well!

  • Croc’s 19th Street Bistro is in the ViBe District (2 blocks from our houses). This restaurant offers a dog-friendly menu on Monday nights from 5-9 PM. Get there between 5 PM and 7 PM to take advantage of “Yappy Hour” which includes cocktails like the Bark and Stormy, Salty Dog, and Maltese Mojitos.
  • Patios that boast pet-friendly vibes can be found at Simple Eats, which has a doggie deck, Barbeque by Froggies, or Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant which has a sidewalk cafe that permits canines while you try out their 101 International beers and specialty jerk chicken or fish tacos.
  • Have a sweet tooth? The Skinny Dip frozen yogurt shop has a special doggie dip. Buster’s Real Ice Cream is a great stop that will give you a free “doggie sundae” topped with crumbled dog bones.

Quench Your Thirst!

Most budding local breweries feature patios, which make for the perfect place for your pup to grab something to drink (water) while you enjoy a pint or two!

Both Smartmouth Pilot House, New Realm, and Commonwealth Brewing have great spots to chill outside with your furry friend by your side.

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Get Pampered!

Whether it’s some free time you’re after or spoiling, both Great Neck Doggie Daycare & Cosmo’s Corner have your boarding and pampering needs covered. They even offer pet birthday and holiday parties. For serious spoiling, book a spa treatment for your mini diva at the Preppie Pooch. Your canine companion can enjoy a whirlpool hydrotherapy bath, a blueberry or brown sugar scrub, a mud wrap or a soothing paw soak and balm rub.

If you’d simply like someone to come by the rental for a walk or to dog-sit while you’re exploring, we can book that as well. Just contact us! We have a roster of pet sitters who are ready to watch and love on your pet!

Emergency Numbers

Virginia Beach Animal Control Unit: (757) 385-5000
Virginia Beach Health Department: (757) 518-2700
Beach Veterinary Emergency Center: (757) 498-4900
Tidewater Veterinary Emergency Hospital: (757) 499-5463


Now that you’re in-the-know regarding all things Virginia Beach and pets, book your stay at our East property today. Don’t let leaving your pet behind be a deterrant to taking that vacation!

Four legs or two, 22 Neptune East welcomes you!

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