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A Kid-Approved, Budget Friendly Virginia Beach Family Itinerary

05/09/2018 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Concierge Dining

The Adventures of Tilly and Betsy

Coastal Accommodations VB Edition

Many of you followed Darling Little Monsters’ Instagram takeover on April 20th. Matilda (3) and Betsy (2) took to Virginia Beach like the two travel pros they are!

Allow us to reintroduce the girls and their travel savvy parents, Lizzie and Tom.

They visited our vacation property for a much-needed spring getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of DC. Tom is in the Navy and his service brought the Brown clan as our guests last winter just in time for Christmas, ultimately departing early summer. We were so thrilled to have them back!

As a part of our concierge and guest services, we often put together fun ideas and some itinerary items for those wanting a true local experience. For the Brown family, we offered up some activities we thought the girls would really love in addition, of course, to their past favorite spots. We kept it fun, simple and affordable! Check out their adventurous weekend and recreate this kid-tested, tried and true itinerary for your family.

Grommet Park

Friday was arrival day!

The Brown clan left home a little later than they planned, because well… kids. Lizzie’s also pregnant with her third little princess so props to momma for getting the girls in the car and rolling before 10 AM. When they got to the house, Matilda, age 3, opened the door and squealed. Matilda and Betsy entered the house and saw the surprise we had waiting for them on the kitchen table. Nothing huge, just some complimentary Babierge Rentals complete with books, bath toys, and some other goodies! They dove right in and explored their presents without missing a beat.

Tummy’s started rumbling shortly after they arrived in VB so they decided to hit up one of their favorites: Pelon’s, the best fish tacos around town! Pelon’s has a great kid-friendly menu but also caters to the adults in the crew – margs and beers are definitely parent-approved.

After lunch, Grommet Park was next on the to-do list. The girls loved this park. It’s located directly on the beach, specifically near 2nd street on the boardwalk. It’s about 15,000 square feet and includes raised sand tables for sandcastle building, sculptural features for the kiddos to play on and different levels to explore with peepholes and gadgets throughout.

Old Beach Farmer’s Market + The ViBe District Exploration

Thankfully, Saturday was gorgeous and warm. The perfect day for cruising the Old Beach Farmer’s Market in the vibrant ViBe District.

This farmer’s market is held every Saturday from 9AM to Noon. It’s located in the creative district on 19th street, an area a couple blocks from our rentals that is just booming with street art and a palpable energy. It’s a hub for artists, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, museums and retail shops. The first stop for the girls was for a breakfast of champions at Java Surf Café & Espresso Bar. This café has the BEST coffee (and the best-crushed ice in Virginia Beach) and showcases artwork by our local Onie Tonie.

Matilda and Betsy frolicked the rest of the art district after breakfast, skipping beside those awesome community murals that trail along 19th street.

Tessa Duquette Creations: The Search & Find

When the girls arrived home from their ViBe activities, we surprised them with Tessa Duquette’s Search and Find Adventure Cards!


Tessa is the best! She put together the cutest basket complete with search and finds, binoculars and magnifying glasses for the ultimate scavenger hunt. Matilda and Betsy got busy on their finds right away. This is a great activity for little explorers. Tessa hand-draws cards for all occasions – The Farm, The Garden, The Car, The City, The Beach, even national parks, and zoos! She sells them online and she can customize any visuals you can come up with.

Taste Unlimited + Dune Delivery

What’s a trip to Virginia Beach without Taste Unlimited for lunch?! Needless to say, this was a hot itinerary item for the girls and should be for all of those visiting the area! Taste Unlimited first opened in 1973 and has quickly grown to become one of the most well-known and loved gourmet sandwich shops in Coastal Virginia. The girls ordered PB&J’s with fruit while Lizzie and Tom devoured two of our favorite sandwiches, the Boardwalk and the Freemason.

Want to know the best part of Taste? They offer dune delivery during the summer months. Call and get your sandwich, chips and beverage delivered right to you in your beach chair! #TASTETHEGOODLIFE

Family Photography Session

When Lizzie, Matilda, Betsy, and Tom were here last year, they fell love with Heather Chapin, Photography by hn, and her style of photography. Heather captured amazing photos of the girls during their first visit here so Lizzie was really excited to get one of the entire clan. Heather is amazing, she does it all – weddings, children, family portraits, engagement sessions, you name it. Needless to say, Sunday was successful in the photography category for the Brown family:

Photo opts always work up an appetite. The newest member of the Virginia Beach restaurant family was calling their names: Aloha Snacks! Chef Jesse Wykle is the man. He’s been in the culinary world the majority of his life and served as previous head chef for many well-known local restaurants but now he’s doing food on his own terms. He opened this gem Spring 2018 and it’s been a huge hit. Think fast-casual burgers, poke bowls and fries with a Hawaiian twist. Not only is the food amazing (the cravings are real, y’all) – the interior decor is trendy and chic. Just look at their wallpaper:

May’s Parlor is also new to the area with an extremely cute decor. After running around the neighborhood, Lizzie needed a coffee! May’s offers amazing coffee, sandwiches, salads and the best pastries.

Lizzie, Tom, and the girls certainly played hard, but it goes to show there are so many fun, simple, affordable things to do in our south end neighborhood and in Virginia Beach. Playgrounds, culture, art, delicious restaurants, exploring, family portraits…needless to say, the girls crashed hard! Especially Betsy:

Come back and see us, Brown family!

Contact us for your next vacation! With or without children – we want to tailor a Virginia Beach experience to YOU and yours. We’re full of ideas!

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