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Twenty Two Neptune West: Innovating Travel in Virginia Beach

06/23/2017 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Vacation Rentals

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you already know about our expanding rental portfolio. But let’s dive in a bit deeper for a full-fledged status report. Our team, inclusive of Argent Equity Partners, Coastal Accommodations and the Miller Group, simply cannot contain our excitement regarding the new construction on the 500 block of 22nd Street.

Miller Group walked us through the houses. They brought donuts, too!


Twenty Two Neptune West

If you’re exiting Virginia Beach from the oceanfront and hopping on 264, you’ve seen the facelift happening on 22nd Street across from the 7-11.  These beauties are our babies at the moment. Construction workers have expertly framed the first cluster of townhomes. Roofing has been masterfully laid down. We’re seeing these vacation rentals come to life in front of eyes with drastic progress every day!

The first cluster of townhomes framed.

The second two clusters of houses are patiently waiting for framing to begin.

Think modern-style farmhouse

Bold front doors, pristine white open-concept kitchens, quartz countertops and rustic hardwoods. Each lighting fixture and sconce is hand-chosen by our interior designer, Smith Interiors. We’re picking out furniture, choosing fabrics and discussing furnishings for the lofts. It’s been so fun to rewind and consider all we have learned in the past two years and then apply that knowledge to the new homes. With the help from a wide variety of industry professionals, these new vacation rentals are coming to fruition.

Each house will have four or five bedrooms, large kitchens, private parking, spacious lofts for lounging and private decks for relaxing. There are closets in the rear of the houses to store things like beach chairs, bikes and toys. After hours of collaboration and conversations, we’re successfully building practical, comfortable, gorgeous rentals.

The same complimentary items we offer at Twenty Two Neptune East will be placed throughout the units. We love telling our guests to simply bring themselves. Absolutely everything is provided, and for those items that aren’t, we can rent and deliver them to their door. Nothing is off limits, everything is hassle free.

We provide complimentary toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies, soaps and detergents, among others.

Our Plan to Change Travel in Virginia Beach

If all goes according to schedule, we’ll be ready to take bookings by October 2017. Each year, Virginia Beach welcomes upwards of 6 million overnight travelers. Some of those travelers still prefer a hotel experience, but in the two years we’ve been extending our homes as vacation rentals, we’ve learned that quite a few people prefer a more personalized, meaningful experience. There’s no doubt that the vacation rental industry is booming. We’re setting high standards and we’ll continually aim to exceed those standards.

We give guests an easy booking experience, a private, safe roof over their head and a peace of mind that someone is there for anything they could possibly need. We’re kind of like a small hotel with a 24/7 personal concierge.

Simply put, our townhouses are not just a means to an end

They’re valuable on so many levels in a physical sense but so is our commitment and allegiance to customer service.

As long as Virginia Beach is a resort city with millions of visitors each year, we’ll be here to welcome those special guests who find us, book with us and get so spoiled they’ll want to come back year after year.


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