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Launch Party Reminiscing

03/08/2017 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Vacation Rentals

We launched our brand and it feels so good!

Let’s Look Back on How We Got Here.

It all started with two separate families who can’t draw the line between where friendship ends and family begins! The Harrison family and the Smith clan have more connections than we will bore you with in this blog but that bond mixed with a little divine timing led to the partnership that is now Coastal Accommodations. Our company was the result of an idea Fleet and Lawrence Smith had. They thought that “two cute, local, hardworking girls” had a real corner on a market that could influence and ultimately ride the wave into the ever-changing, booming tourism industry. They challenged us to reinvent how travelers experience Virginia Beach. launch party.

Caroline’s love of all things weddings and events paired with Sheppard’s expertise in booking and marketing, combined with our love of travel experiences, set the company’s foundation and was ultimately the spark that started the fire. Knowing our strengths guided us to build three sections of our company: Vacation Rentals, Property Management and Concierge Services.

Once all the fine details of our company’s mission, to execute a boutique travel experience for each guest, were sorted and developed, it was time to hit the streets and find the best partners to help us facilitate our goal.
In short, we knew there was a need for a company in our great city that caters to those looking to get more out of their vacation. Our love of all things local drove us to build a business model that aims to not only boost our fellow merchants’ businesses but also push them to elevate their offerings, ultimately creating experiences that make our town stand out.

Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here.

Our concept was determined, a logo was designed (after maybe 3,000 edits), our website was completed and we had laid out the target markets crucial to the success of our business, i.e. business travel, wedding parties, family travelers, etc. It was now time to launch our brand.

And what better way to do that than with a party – what we know best!

“You only get one chance to make a first impression!” – this statement was in the back of our minds during the planning stages of this party. We knew our party had to be top-notch to not only represent our brand but show everyone we mean business! And, obviously, it was imperative that everyone clearly understands what we are actually trying to do.

In order to properly introduce our concept, we knew we needed to get people on our vacation rental property to really understand what we see as one of our biggest assets: our homes. We were able to literally paint the picture of our services using amenity call out cards and a large beach rental gear display.

Though everything on our list was checked off and planned for pre-launch, we felt strongly that we needed something, or someone, to really propel our message.

A thought came across our minds: A ribbon-cutting by Mayor Sessoms would be amazing but would he ever agree to come to our little start-up company’s party?!?

It was worth asking. So we did. AND HE SAID YES!

This launch was so much more than introducing a new business to Virginia Beach. The ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolized our commitment to Virginia Beach’s reputation and tourism growth and we could not be more thankful that we have the city’s support in that endeavor.

We Cannot Take All the Credit.

It would be wrong to celebrate this moment without acknowledging the team of people who make our business possible. First, Selby Smith with Smith Interiors decorated our homes beautifully. Second, C & V Cleaning Service, our amazing housekeeping crew, provides sanitized, immaculate homes upon arrival. We could not do this without their hard work, dedication and most importantly, their reliability. Additionally, we’ve learned property maintenance is a never-ending job. Our homes receive constant care from our maintenance team at J Delrossi Construction.

Ocean Cove Seafood (Fleet Smith and Scott Hubbard) brought their gloriously salty Indian Rock oysters which really set the coastal vibe. Let’s be honest, their oysters made us look really good…

Bryan of EyeCaptures Photography did an amazing job capturing our event. We cannot say how much these photos mean to us!

Kamil and Debra from North End Catering had people coming back for seconds and thirds with their amazing food and presentation! Sugar shrimp, short rib tacos, tomato provencal. YUM.

Hayley and Rob of Ocean Rentals were gracious enough to donate a few rental pieces we offer guests so our party-goers could really get a feel for what it’s like to arrive at the house with everything delivered and ready for beach fun!

Rent Beach Equipment Virginia Beach

Lastly, we are ecstatic to be a part of the Argent Equity Partners family. To have their forward-thinking, industry knowledge and support is everything. And pairing us with builders like Eric Homes for the Twenty Two Neptune East Project and The Miller Group for the Twenty Two Neptune West project, set to be finished by Fall 2017, means we’re the luckiest girls in the world.

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