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The Birth of Our Business

12/01/2016 | by Sheppard Atkinson | Concierge Group Travel Local Area Vacation Rentals Wedding

One year down. Hundreds of guests hosted. Seventy raving reviews.

Seems like we’re on to something.

I specifically remember the first booking I accepted. After weeks of furnishing our beautiful property on 22nd street, I finally posted our listing on HomeAway. Almost simultaneously, our first inquiry came through. A family reunion! A real living, breathing family wanted to stay IN OUR HOUSE.

Obviously I was excited, nervous, giddy, all at the same time. Taking a booking was an adrenaline rush!

Tada! the birth of a business.

Instantly, the logistics and details began to unfold. For example, I quickly assumed tasks like scheduling housekeeping and informing guests where to park and how to enter the house. As a result, I learned and acquired property management skills and formed local business relationships.

Most noteworthy, the appearance of interested consumer after interested consumer. It all came to fruition seemingly overnight.

We’re now a year into our short-term rental business, thus, it’s definitely time to spice things up.

Enter scene: Caroline Harrison, my smart, event-loving, experience-providing friend has officially joined me in my endeavor to completely spoil every guest and local alike. Together, we’ve established Coastal Accommodations which is a one-stop concierge service business for any vacation rental and travel need. We were ultimately inspired to create such a company after noticing the lack of service-based, high-end travel experiences and offerings available here in Virginia Beach.

We’re able to offer preferred rates, amenity hook-ups and local perks for our clients through our vendor partnerships we’ve established in a variety of industries. After extensive research, trust us when we tell you are getting the best Virginia Beach has to offer.

With Caroline’s ability to think outside of the box and with my transparency and customer booking experience, we’re truly creating a Boutique Travel Experience for all.

So how do we plan to do this, exactly?

First, we will continue to extend our beautiful townhomes, as well as the 14 additional modern farmhouse style townhouses currently under construction on the 500 block of 22nd street, to the public for nightly, weekly or monthly rentals.

Second, we’ll book concierge services that will certainly lead to life-long memories.

Need help visualizing? Digest the examples below.

Think bachelorette party weekend. Fresh groceries in the fridge and pantry; champagne chilling on the kitchen counter; decorations on display for the bride-to-be; the best makeup artists in Virginia Beach on site; transportation scheduled for the big night out. Finally, cure that hangover by waking up to a chef in the kitchen preparing brunch or request a personal massage therapist to work wonders. Talk about the BEST weekend.

Consider being a bride for a moment. Wouldn’t you rather prepare for the big day in a Charleston-style home than a stuffy hotel room? We work with the best make up artists,  hair stylists and coordinators in the area. Stress free glamour, at your service.

Visiting the beach for a family reunion? We know how it is being the planner, the “get-er-done” leader who is consistently appointed to ensure the day runs smoothly. For this reason, we’ve got you covered. The kitchen will be fully stocked with your grocery wish list.

Bikes, surfboards and all beach equipment will be delivered to your door. We’ll schedule a day on the water so the kiddos can crab, fish and watch the dolphins dance.

Is it especially important to you to preserve this moment, to always remember THIS vacation? We know some amazing photographers that can capture those sun-kissed smiles you hold so near and dear.

Do you want (or equally need) trusted, licensed caregivers to take the kiddos for a few hours? We’ve got you. Go let your hair down. Breathe.

Are you welcoming a family member back from deployment and hope to make it a memorable for everyone? Allow us.

Private cooking lessons, fishing charters, pontoon rentals, SUP paddle boarding, packaged adventures – you name it, we can craft unique experiences just for you.

Our houses have already proven themselves.

By all means, read our reviews. Guests have coined our homes as spacious and lovely, with plush linens, bedding and towels galore. Guests are loving the ViBe district, thanking us for speedy WiFi and cable, complimenting us on our interior décor (professionally appointed) and raving about the custom kitchen and ample counter space.

We’ve perfected timely communication and super quick problem solving thanks to a solid support team. Keyless entry and private parking are just added value perks!

In conclusion, think of what’s about to happen to this cottage industry here in Virginia Beach with the introduction of Coastal Accommodations. MIND BLOWN.

(Just sayin’)

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